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اثر چارلز بوکفسکی از انتشارات نیماژ - مترجم: غلامرضا صراف-معروف ترین رمان ها

South of No North contains some of Bukowskis best work. Among the short stories collected in the book are Love for $17.50, about a man named Robert whose infatuation with a mannequin in a junk shop leads him first to buy it, then make love to it, and then eventually fall in love with her, The short stories collected in the volume are evocative of Bukowski at his best, when he was one of the premier short story writers still at the top of his talent. It explores loneliness and struggles on the fringes of society.

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Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) had a gift for creating evocative titles. The title of this book, @South of No North: Stories of the Buried [email protected] (1975) captures hauntingly the sense of loneliness, alienation, and aloneness that underlies the 27 short stories in this volume.

Bukowski began writing short stories at an early age while he supported himself doing odd jobs and through work at the Post Office. He then turned to poetry and, eventually, to writing novels at the urging of John Martin of Black Sparrow Press. Bukowski continued to write stories and columns for underground newspapers in Los Angeles. Some of the stories are included here.

As are the novels, Bukowskis stories are raw and gritty. They are filled with life in Los Angeles flophouses and cheap rooming houses. The stories feature chronic alcoholism, crude sexuality, sexual frustration, horseplaying, violence, and joblessness. They are a chronicle of the life of the down-and-outer.

Many of the stories are told in the voice of Henry Chinaski, the autobiographical character that is at the center of Bukowskis novels. But interestingly, some of the stories in this collection feature other characters and settings. The collection includes, for example a fanciful story set in the old West, @Stop Staring ... [email protected], and stories with imaginative, if macabre themes, including @No way to [email protected], @Maja [email protected] and @The Devil was [email protected]

The dominant impression these stories convey is one of loneliness and isolation. Whether the character is Chinaski or another individual, Bukowski writes of individuals who lack social connectedness and sense of purpose. His characters are perpetual outsiders who mock a world they cannot share and simultaneously tear themselves apart. Dostoevskys Underground Man is a distant cousin of most of the characters we meet in Bukowskis stories. Another book that I find similar in tone, set in New York City rather than the west coast is Hubert Selbys @Last Exit to [email protected] which shares much of the grimness, loneliness, sexual obsession, and search for love that I find in Bukowski.

Some of the works included in this collection are more vignettes than short stories. There is little in the way of development and in some cases the climax of the story is nonexistent or misfires. There are interesting settings, however, in many of these stories and as sketches many of them work well.

The stories that exemplify the theme of loneliness for me include the first one in the collection, titled @[email protected] and the story @Remember Pearl [email protected] which tells of Chinaskis rejection for military service in WW II. These stories are good at sketching the nature of the rootless, lonely individual. Some of the other stories in this collection that I thought good are @Bop Bop against that [email protected], @Christ on [email protected], @Hit [email protected], @Pittsburgh Phil & [email protected] (a fine story about gambling at the racetrack) and @Confessions of a Man Insane Enough to Live with [email protected]

Bukowski writes simply with short sentences in a style filled with explecatives and references to sexual and excrecatory functions. I became interested in Bukowskis writings several years ago, put them aside, and then reread some of them after viewing an excellent film on Bukowskis life: @Bukowski: Born into [email protected] Bukowski is hardly a writer for all times and all seasons. But there is a toughness and raw humor in these books, and a sense of loss and sadness that make Bukowskis books highly evocative of certain kinds of blue and lonely feelings. The stories are metaphors of a buried life than many people see in themeselves at times in somewhat different ways than the ways presented in Bukowskis writings. That is why, I think, Bukowski continues to have a following and to be read.

Robin Friedman

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The majority of these stories are (semi-?)autobiographical. What does Bukowskis alter ego do? He drinks, he fucks. Hes a bum. When hes not on a drinking or fucking spree he tries (and fails) to hold down any mean job, or hes in hospital recovering from some booze-induced ailment. He hates his fellow men that are clean-shaven and have steady jobs. (I like clean-shaven men with steady jobs: more often than not they are decent, idealistic people with a self-deprecating sense of humor that arises from the realization that their life-long hard work will only do so much to make this world a better place.) The few stories that dont feature his alter ego are all about .... drinking! ...fucking! Heres one: Big Jim fucks all the ladies, for Big Jim has a big cock and wins all the fights . One day Big Jim humps somebodys girl friend. The somebody objects and challenges Big Jim to a duel. But not to worry: the girl friend shoots her boy friend dead. End of story. Next story: Some big guy rapes hippie chick at knife-point, after knocking down one of her two male companions - who are unarmed, therefore dont interfere. After the act the girl informs her buddies that solely from a sexual point of view it wasnt all that bad and You guys almost dont exist. The three of them continue on their hitch-hiking way. End of story. Get the picture? This world is for the big, strong, mean and well-hung (tom)cats. You have a sensitive soul, or your prick is just average? Youre out. (Youre female? Youre fucking material - that is, if your ass/tits/legs are tops - otherwise you dont exist.) Get this: Im not a prude - I like sex (like you); I do the hard drug ethanol (like most of you) and soft drugs like nicotine and marihuana (all of them an occasional basis - like most of you.) But -my, how politically correct! (Im not.)- unlike Bukowsky (and again, like most of you) I dont look upon the other gender as an amalgamation of butt, boobs and legs. And then: a whole book full of stories where the mind and the senses have been numbed by alcohol: it gets so vacuous, so repetitive. Besides, most of these stories dont go anywhere; they just end in mid-air. One example: Guy has a row with his girl-friend. Guy walks out the door, takes a drive, buys a quart of liquor, gets back in his car, opens the door to alluring young girl - girl is unwilling; he shows her the bottle; girl steps right in. End of story. On the positive side: fast-paced, funny (here and there), straightforward unembellished story-telling (like Hemingway) - but the subject matter is too limited, adolescent, or downright boring. A big no-no.

After writing this review I took a look at what some other Goodreads people had to say about this book. Heres Lucas Podestas review: Hey, let me tell you about 25 different times I got drunk and had sex. That about sums it up.

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As usual, I couldnt put this down. Bukowski will always be a guilty pleasure. Why? We all know that hes a piece of work, his writing suffers almost always of some form of misogyny or bigotry but nevertheless he is attractive and truthful enough to be taken as he is. This is my first venture into his short stories and this collection didnt let me down. The story about him getting into the ring with Hemingway was so funny I couldnt believe what I was reading. @Dont blow your brains [email protected] Five stars of pure entertainment.

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Deprimant pentru o lectură de început de an, prea puțin amuzant. Monoton în subiecte și personaje: scriitorul ratat ajuns la marginea vieții, alcoolic, mizer, alături de câteva prostituate și 2,3 prieteni la fel de ratați și deprimați. Și tot așa, cale de 250 de pagini.

Contrapondere dură la o imagine de succes a scriitorilor americani și a vieții pe care ar duce-o. Câteva texte bune, însă nu e ceea ce mi-am dorit. Îl prefer pe Bukowski poetul.

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Algumas narrativas interessantes, principalmente aquelas que tem o poeta. Mas as outras são muito vulgares apenas com referencias ao sexo, a violência e ao um mundo degradado. Não é um tipo de leitura que me agrade ler. Nem sei se voltarei a ler este escritor...

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